Fun & Social Daycare for the Elderly.

Avoid caregiver burnout and enjoy worry free days again

Rest Assured Caregivers...We Got You Covered!

We know how difficult it can be taking care of your elderly or disabled adult. Not only do you have to ensure their well-being but you have a busy life of your own! 

This can lead to burn-out on your end. To avoid that, we encourage you to download our FREE Care Giver Fitness Guide that will give you simple, efficient tips on nutrition, fitness and health so you can stay fit and healthy to take care of them. 

At Welcome Friends Adult Medical Day Center, we care for the health & happiness of your senior and/or disabled loved one while your busy during the day. 

Our Services

Fun Activities

Creative & social activities ensure our members are excited to join in the fun & want to come back daily!

Onsite Medical Care

Quality medical attention is available to stay on top of our members health & medication.

Meals & Transportation

Balanced breakfast, lunch & snack are provided to members as well as to & from shuttle transportation.


What We Do?

Welcome Friends Adult Medical Day Center provides a safe environment full of fun and quality medical care for seniors & medically-disabled adults while caretakers are busy at work during the day.


How much will it cost?

We accept Medical Assistance (Medicaid) which covers the cost of our services. We also have Veterans Assistance & affordable private pay options making our facility more cost effective than other long term social day care options. 


Where are we located?

Our facility is located at 416 Eastern Blvd. Essex, MD 21221 (Baltimore County) and always welcome guests to come visit us. 

​Customer stories

Improve Your Fitness & Health to Make Life Easier!

Get your FREE Caregiver Fitness Guide

In this Free Fitness guide, you will discover the simple and efficient fitness, nutrition and health tips that will ensure you are at the top of your game so you can take great care of your elderly or disabled loved one without burning out.

"At Welcome Friends we make the elderly smile & feel young again"

-Victor Egonu

Manager at Welcome Friends AMDC

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