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Our Why:

Having been in the healthcare field for the majority of his adult life, Dr. Innocent Egonu felt his successful assisted living facility didn't provide him the impact he wanted to have in the industry.

And so in 2007, he started Welcome Friends Adult Medical Day Center with the goal of providing a place where elderly individuals and medically disabled adults could spend the day receiving the best quality health care and have fun at the same time unlike most other senior care options. 

Who for?

Welcome Friends' goal is to prevent the premature institutionalization of seniors and disabled adults. 

Welcome Friends provides an environment that enables these individuals to function at their maximum capacity and strengthen their family caregivers' abilities and coping skills.

If you have a loved one who meets at least one of the following admittance criteria...

1. Age 18 or older and reside within a 12 mile radius of our location.

2. At risk of institutionalization due to a dementia or cognitive impairment (ex: Alzheimer's Disease, etc.)

3. Are in need of a during-the-day-care option to alleviate caregiver responsibilities (Require less than 24-hr care

Then please feel free to CONTACT US HERE

How we're different...

We've learned the best way to stand out in a crowd is to over deliver on the value you provide and here at Welcome Friends, we don't hold back. 

Introducing ... 

Health Progression™


Our vision is to help create a true-one-stop-shop for health and physical fitness for our members and their caregivers. And so with Welcome Friends at the core of our healthcare, we've since added Baltimore Pro Therapy and Fit-Edge as the ultimate health trio.

What does this mean for you?

This means your elderly or disabled loved one will benefit from Welcome Friends and all it's healthcare and fun activities, as well as Baltimore Pro Therapy's top notch rehabilitative care while you, the caregiver, (as well as our healthcare professionals) will receive fitness & nutrition coaching to ensure your fitness, health and to upkeep your care giving abilities. 

If you have a participant at our facility please ask for how you can receive a Caregiver consultation to discuss a specialized program.

 Adult Medical Day Center providing   fun & healthcare for elderly &   disabled adults. 

Physical, Occupational & Speech therapy providing rehabilitative care for improved quality of life.

Personal training & nutrition coaching for healthcare professionals and caregivers of Welcome Friends members.

About us

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