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You are a busy caregiver who works and takes care of your elderly or disabled loved one on top of everything else. This Free Caregiver Fitness Guide will layout effective nutrition, workout and health tips so you can improve your health and fitness to take care of them without burning out!


​What’s Inside the Book?


Level up your nutrition game with simple yet effective tips. Learn which foods you should eat, and get a sample diet to follow so you can optimize your diet today!


Within the guide, you will get muscle strengthening exercises you can do at home, the gym, as well as cardio. Also, a sample plan is included that's proven to work for the busiest of schedules.


As the captain of the care-giving team to your loved one, you need to be sure your health parameters are within a safe range. Find out which are most important and where improvements are needed.

About the Author

Victor Egonu

Victor Egonu is the manager of Welcome Friends Adult Medical Day Care Center. He also has over a decade of experience in the nutrition and fitness field as an expert fitness coach. Realizing the need to improve care-giving of the elderly and disabled adults of adult day care programs, he specializes in helping healthcare professionals & caregivers get more fit so they can take care of those in need.

He is also a competitive drug-free professional natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, has a masters in biomedical sciences and is working hard to open more healthcare facilities in his hometown of Baltimore.

Nutrition, Training & Health. 

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